The Voice of Apartment Community Residents

We apologize that you are having difficulty completing our survey!
Listed below are some frequently asked questions that should help.
Q: What is the website for my survey?
A: The link/URL can be found in the email or postcard you received.

Q: What if the link/URL is not working?
A: Please make sure you are typing the survey web address/URL into your web browser's address bar, not into a Google, Yahoo, Bing, or a similar search box. When entered correctly, you will be taken to a survey log in page with your management company's logo at the top.

Q: What if I see Google/Yahoo search results instead of the survey?
A: This means you entered the survey web address into a search bar, not the browser's adress bar.

Q: Where can I find my username or password?
A: Your username and password were provided to you on either the email or postcard you received from us.

Q: My login and/or password won't work. What should I do?
A: Please reference your e-mail or postcard invitation and make sure you are using the login and password listed. Only this username/password combination will give you access to the survey. Usernames/passwords are all in UPPER CASE, so make sure you type all letters in capitals.

Q: Who takes care of any outstanding issues I still have?
A: Your input as a customer is very important to our clients. This is why has been contracted to obtain your feedback. Your feedback is reported to our client; please follow up with them regarding any outstanding issues (i.e. service requests, outstanding issues, etc.).

Q: I don't want to participate in surveys like this one. How can I let you know I don't want to receive any more?
A: Your input as a customer is very important to and our clients. However, if you wish to be excluded from future on-line research with, please contact your property staff and have your e-mail address removed from their database.

Q: What if I'm still having problems or have other questions?
A: Please email us at and include the username, password, and link/url you were provided on either the email or postcard you received, as well as a description of what problems you are encountering.

We appreciate your interest in providing feedback. Your opinions are important!

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